Posted on Jan 25, 2013 in News

Did your New Year’s Resolution go something like…  “This year I am going to get in shape! I’m going to the gym”!!  All the while wondering how you will fit this into your busy schedule.

What if you could stay home and go to the gym?  Do you have a bonus room, basement, or spare bedroom just sitting there housing the occasional guest, party, or dust bunny?

Whether you are a beginner or Gym Maniac, Vonn Studio Designs will transform your room into a workout space that you can be excited about!

Using color, new and innovative home gym products for flooring, equipment storage, cabinetry, audio/video installation and more we can transform your space in a very short time, getting you closer to a healthier you.

Currently finishing up two home gyms! Here is a Sneak Peek!